Friday, November 8, 2013

Recalling Emails In Outlook

The Microsoft Outlook 2010 is an email application that finds use in the hands of many. Some people often by mistake send an email, and then only realize that they have sent the email to the wrong person, or have not included the required details in the mail. Well this causes a bit of worry to the users. An important feature in the Microsoft Outlook is the ability to recall send emails. While using the Outlook 2010, and if sending the email, there is a way by which you can recall the email, and by following the below email in Outlook guidelines, it can be done in a few steps easily and swiftly.

  • Switch on the system and wait for the operating system to load. After the OS loads, access the Microsoft Outlook either from the Start menu, or by double clicking the desktop shortcut icon.
  • Now in the Outlook window, at the left side of the screen, the Sent Items folder will be present. Select it.
  • The Sent Items shows the emails that you have sent. From the different mails, select the message that you want to recall by double clicking it.
  • In the Move section at the top of the window, select the Actions drop down menu.
  • Select Recall This Message option.
  • Select either the Delete Unread Copies Of This Message option or the Delete Unread Copies And Replace With A New Message option.
  • The box corresponding To Tell Me If Recall Succeeds Or Fails For Each Recipient has to be check marked if you want know the details about the recall made or if you do not want to know, then uncheck the check box.
  • Select the OK button.
  • Now the recall procedure will be done.

By following the simple email in Outlook guidelines, the recall procedure can be done successfully in order to recall a wrongly sent mail. The advantage of the recall feature in Microsoft Outlook 2010 is that you can either delete the entire message or replace with a brand new one. If you have not understood the guidelines properly, or if you require any additional help, you may visit the Microsoft support website. The support website provides the best Outlook help that you require. The highly qualified support technicians there are capable of providing simple and easy help tips, 24x7.

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