Monday, November 26, 2012

Recovering Lost Files from Hard Drive

Computers use different type of technologies in storing data. Some technologies are used for storing data permanently whereas others are for temporary storage. The technology used for storing files permanently are hard drives, floppy discs, compact discs, DVDs, flash drives, solid state hard drives, ROM’s etc. Among these, floppy discs are not used commonly now a day. On the other hand, RAM or Random Access Memory is the type of memory storage devices where data are stored temporarily. These are volatile memory units which loses data on loss of power. But they have very fast data transfer rates than permanent memory drives like Hard Disks and Flash Drives, as RAM’s don’t have any physical limitations like permanent storage devices. 
If you wish to learn the detailed working of storage devices, you can make use of any Tech Support websites or forums.

Hard Drive
Hard drives are made of magnetic discs stacked on a spindle. The magnetic disks don’t have any contact with each other. There will be read/write heads in between the discs to store and retrieve the data. Data is stored in the disk using transition in the magnetization. The changes in the magnetization direction represent bits of binary data. The Read/Write heads use Random Access (No Sequential order) in storing the data. That’s the reason why hard disks are so fast (RAM’s used in the current systems use Burst technology rather than Random access technology).

How can we recover Lost Files?
If you think that deleting or formatting would remove the files from your hard drive, you are wrong. Deleting a file only makes space for new files to be written in the hard disk. Whatever you do, a file will remain on a hard disk. There are file shredders that can remove the bits and bytes of a file. But there is defense grade software that can recover files. According to computer data experts “Files on a hard drive can be recovered, unless the hard drive is crushed to a minimum size of 1cm pieces”. 
There is a lot of software in the market that are used for recovering files. The file recovery utilities that have the best ratings in the current market are Stellar Phoenix, R-Studio, Data Rescue PC, Recover My Files, Get Data Back, Power Data Recovery etc. You can download any of these programs and use it to recover the files. The interface of these programs is pretty simple. You can check any Tech support website for detailed reviews on the best file recovery utilities in the market. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Instructions for Using Rulers in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processor available in the software market today. While Microsoft Word does not feature the full functionality of a page layout program, it boasts many simple processes that help you in arranging the text on the screen. By using guides and rulers, moving specific pieces of text and setting up rules to automatically arrange future sections is achievable. Microsoft provides many Microsoft Help websites that features articles and tutorials for beginners in Microsoft Word.

1. Switch ON your computer system and open the Microsoft Word program.
2. In the View Menu, click on the Ruler option and activate Ruler in the document. This activates the visibility of the Horizontal and Vertical Ruler components in the document.
3. The Ruler has many visual properties that help the user in identifying different adjustments in the document. The beginning point of dark or grey areas in ruler shows the margin point. The dark or grey areas show the non-writable sections of the document.
4. The white or light colored area in the Ruler shows the Writable or Usable areas in the document. Two triangular stops and a rectangular stop at the initiating part of the white section and one triangular stop at the conclusive part can also be seen on the Ruler..
5. Blocking or highlighting the text in an area you want to change before using the ruler guides is good. The highlighting process is not necessary. However, it helps you to select the areas, which should or shouldn’t be changed.
6. Left rectangular and right triangular stops are used to change the margins for the selected areas. This property is very useful in making block quotes and sidebars in a document. This trait of the ruler also helps you to set custom margins for different sections in the document with the help of breaks.
7. You can move the upper left stop to change the intent of the first line in the selected area.
8. Sliding the bottom left triangle is used to create a hanging indent, which will keep all parts of the paragraph indented except for the first line.
9. You can single click on the ruler to make a tab stop or double-click on it to bring up the tab box.
Microsoft Word has a lot of features, Ruler being one of them. Ruler option is very good and simple and if used will increase the efficiency of the user.