Monday, September 9, 2013

Fix Windows Live Messenger Error Code 8004882E

Today we have different chat services that allow you to instantly communicate with your dear and near ones. As compared to earlier, modern day chat services have come a long way in integrating many new features and tools. One such service is the Windows Live Messenger service, which incorporates many useful features like video and audio chat, photo sharing, etc, along with the basic text chat. Windows Live Messenger comes as a part of Windows Live Essentials suite. In order to use the Live Messenger service, you need to have a Windows Live ID that will help you log in to the Windows Live account.

Though Windows Live Messenger is a very easy-to-use messenger service, sometimes you might encounter some issues like unexpected error codes and messages. This can result in login failures and application instability, preventing you from using the messenger service.

Here we will discuss about a common error code that you might encounter while using Windows Live Messenger service and its fix. Following are the Windows Live support instructions that will help you solve the problem.

Troubleshooting Error Code 8004882E
  • When Windows Live Messenger has issues within the service, it reports error using cryptic number references. One such common error that you will come across is Error code 8004882E. As a normal user, one might be perplexed to see such an error code as it doesn’t directly convey any hint as to what the problem is.
  • Don’t get confused when you see such an error code on your computer screen. Usually Live Messenger shows this error code when a user tries to sign in using an incorrect username or password. The user might have accidentally typed in a wrong password or have forgotten the login credentials. This is when live messenger displays such an error code.
  • Users who use fingerprint readers may also get this error code when the device they use has some issues.
  • When Live Messenger reports this error code, indicating about the wrong password, you can try to retrieve the password by answering the security question asked at the time of login. If this doesn’t work, Microsoft will attempt to send you the lost information to the alternate email address which you had provided. If you are so sure that the password information you provided is correct, Windows will help to download an updated version of the Live messenger program to fix the issue. If you are using the fingerprint reader, try to manually login and see if it fixes the issue.
If nothing works, get Windows Live support from Microsoft Support Center and get your problem fixed quickly.

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