Thursday, September 12, 2013

Instructions For Reinstalling Windows

Microsoft’s Windows is the most trusted and used operating system in the world by computer users all over the world. It is the safest OS that is available and most of the problems that may affect the Windows OS can be fixed with simple tools and updates without having to reinstall the operating system. There are only few errors in Windows that will require you to reinstall the operating system. Whereas if you contact the Windows tech support team or some amateur software consultant, they will ask you to do a reinstall.
Most of the problems in Windows operating system can be fixed by using some tools that are available online. There are tools available online that will help you to recover, restore or replace the Windows to an operating state. If you use these tools, you will be able to recover your operating system from most of the errors and you can use the computer without the need of a reinstall process.

The operating system is the soul of the computer and it may only be replaced if it is so horribly damaged that you cannot fix the errors using any tools. The only time you need to reinstall the Windows operating system is when there is a huge amount of system files missing such that the operating system cannot load. This can be caused due to a variety of reasons including, virus attacks at most and then accidentally deleting the files yourself.

One of the false beliefs that some users have is that if you reinstall your operating system, you will have a fresh and new computer. What they tend to forget is that when you reinstall the Windows OS, you lose all the data that you have stored in the local drive and also the updates and the security patches that you have installed. If you find any need to refresh your computer, there are some marvelous tools available in the Windows tech support website that will help you in removing the errors and keeping your system as good as new. If you decide to reinstall the OS despite of all these factors, then you would need to install all the new updates in the system after the reinstallation process.

If you have backed up your data to a backup device, then there is no need for a reinstall. Just restore the backup to your system and all your problems will be solved.

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