Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Removing Bing Toolbar From Firefox

A toolbar is a program that provides additional services while browsing the web. You can download toolbars off the web easily, and install them on your web browser. Toolbars typically offer services like search engines, spell checks, faster browsing, video downloading etc.
In short, most toolbars are meant to provide services and aid the user; but still, many toolbars often cause the opposite of this. Often you will find that some toolbars have been installed on your web browser without you even knowing of this. The Bing toolbar is probably one of those toolbars that you are shocked to find you had installed in your Firefox browser. The problem is that the Windows Update option installs these toolbars for previous users of the Windows Live toolbar, MSN toolbar or Windows Live essentials. The following instructions will help you remove Bing toolbar from the system.

How to remove Bing toolbar from your system
  • Open the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Select the File option from the menu in the top of the window. After the File menu opens up select the Exit menu item.
  • Click on the Start button on the lower left corner of the desktop in the taskbar. In the Start menu choose Control Panel to open the Control Panel window. In the Control Panel window click on the Add or Remove Programs option. This option is only available in pre-Windows XP operating systems. In Windows Vista or Windows 7 this option is labeled as Programs and Features.
  • A list of all installed programs will appear on screen. Choose the Bing bar from the list of programs and click on Remove for Windows XP systems. Select the Uninstall option for systems powered by Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Uninstall the Bing toolbar by following the simple instructions in the Bing Bar uninstaller.
If you face any issues while removing Bing toolbar check up online on forums and blogs for other ways to remove. You should not be experiencing any difficulty removing the Bing toolbar using the above procedure.
Avoid installing unnecessary toolbars on the system as it can lead to your system being infected with viruses. And just as many toolbars are often harbingers of unwanted applications and programs that slow down the system or eat up your memory. Toolbars often end up cluttering your web browser and interrupt your browsing with frequent updates and additions. Use only trusted and safe toolbars that you actually have some use for.

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