Thursday, January 17, 2013

Instructions To Recover OST Files In Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an application for managing email accounts and other personal information. It has users from all around the globe, making it most popular program of its kind. The OST or Offline Storage Table Files is the file format for the offline folder files generated in Microsoft Outlook. These files automatically get generated when you use Microsoft Outlook with an Exchange server. OST files stores the offline work that you have done in Outlook and associates these files when the Exchange server connection is enabled. The mails and information you saved is made available to the respective recipients when Microsoft Outlook turns online.
Besides this, it’s also possible to create an OST file to keep a copy of all you works including mails, folders and calendar entries within Microsoft Outlook, so that you can easily access these files and folders whenever you want even if there is no internet connection. Moreover, once you reestablish the connection, Microsoft Outlook automatically updates the changes you have just done in the OST files.
Below given are the pointers from the Outlook repair team to restore an OST file in Microsoft Outlook.
First of all, close Microsoft Outlook program if it is running.
Now launch the Inbox repair tool. For this you have to run the scanpst.exe file which comes preinstalled with Microsoft Outlook.
For obtaining the above executable file, navigate to Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12m on your hard drive.
Now type the name of the OST file that you wish to recover. Locate the particular file by clicking the browse button.
Then you have to click the start button in the Inbox Repair Tool Window. This automatically scans your hard drive and detects errors if any.
Once the scanning is finished and any error is detected, you are informed with a message of the detection. Then you have to perform the repair process to fix those issues.
Trigger the repair button when prompted.
Now launch the Microsoft Outlook program on your system.
Tag along the GO tab on the top programming menu and from the drop down list thus appeared, select the folder list option.
Now you were able to view the deleted or lost OST files under Lost and Found folder.
Now determine the OST file that you wish to restore in the folder list and copy the file into a new OST file.
If you come across any errors while performing the above method, contact the Outlook repair team to avail further assistance. Thank you!

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