Monday, December 31, 2012

Tips To Shape Up A Duplicate Copy Of The .PST File In Outlook

All the data stored in the Microsoft Outlook mail program is kept in a folder on your system as a “.PST” file. This is done by the email client program by default to facilitate an option to the outlook users which will allow them to transfer these data’s to another system whenever it’s necessary. The outlook mail program works with the help of the Microsoft Exchange Server program which maintains the network connections. It’s pretty simple to create the backup copy of these .pst extension files which will help a Microsoft outlook user to reinstate his or her Microsoft outlook email program when it’s cornered with certain errors. Tag along the following instructions as developed by the Microsoft support team to get this work done.

Exit from all the Microsoft programs that require an internet connection such as Outlook, Exchange Server and the Windows Live Messenger.
Go to the Start menu that is placed to the left hand corner on your taskbar and bring on the Run window in which you will have to enter the command that’s shown just beneath this instruction
o Type in “Control Panel” in the run menu to bring on the control panel window and later pick out the mail tab and click on it twice.
After accomplishing this, by using your mouse pointer, click on the “Show Profiles.”
As a result a list of profiles will be listed on the screen. From that, pick the appropriate profile and thereafter to “Properties.”
Next tag along the data files.
Under the Name of the available files, select the Personal Folders Service that want back up. It’s possible to give different names to this folder.
Next is to select Settings, and from the screen that appears make a note about the path and name of the file.
Next is to close the Properties window by clicking on the “X” button.
You can copy the files either by using the Windows Explorer or My Computer. It’s also possible to copy the files to other locations of your hard or to any other storage devices like USB or pen drive.
The above said tips by the Microsoft support team will surely help you in making a backup of a .PST file. Hope you find this article useful!

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