Monday, December 10, 2012

Error in update Patches for Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 is equipped with features to automatically install updates whenever they are available. From the Windows server, a user can set the settings in such a way that alerts will be sent to the user regarding these updates. This will allow the user to check if the available update is essential and he/she can install that particular update. Another attractive feature about this operating system is that users can also download the Windows update patch from local networks. Errors can occur in this process which results in the loss of update patches. With the help of a particular tool in the Windows Control Panel a user will be able to identify the patch that has been installed on a Windows machine. This error will have an effect on the "Server" service, which is very much essential when a user needs to share a file or to print a particular document. The operating systems that have been stressed out with these errors are Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, all editions of Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.
Hot to get through this?
Once your computer is ready for the current showdown, navigate the cursor to the bottom left hand side of the Windows desktop to pick out the "Start" tab to call up the startup menu.
From the startup menu, you will be able to access the "Control Panel" tab that lies on the right pane.
Once the control panel Windows piles up on your monitor, go to the tab with the name "Add or Remove Programs" and click on it twice with your optical mouse to make your way in to that particular window.
Inside the "Add or Remove Programs" window, you will find the tab portrayed with the name "Show Updates”, click on it to open that window.
The "Show Updates” tab consist of all the installed Microsoft Windows updates and patches on your Windows installed computer.
Now it’s quite simple as you only have to scan through the updates listed below and make decision on a specific patch to initiate the installation process.
It’s all done; the required patch has been installed on to your computer. From this point you have to keep a tab on various Windows updates releases from Windows tech support panel.

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