Sunday, July 20, 2014

Miradore To Add Windows Phone Support To Their MDM Service

Many companies these days are implementing the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy allowing employees to bring their own smartphones and tablets to work. This reduces the IT infrastructure burden on the company and makes things easier for the employees.

Using the Miradore MDM service

One of the main concerns many organizations have about implementing BYOD policy, is with networking all these different devices properly online, ensuring secure transmission of the data among these devices, and so on. There are many IT firms providing the online cloud service to take care of these needs. A good example is the Mobile Device Management service from Miradore.

Using Miradore’s online cloud service, you can easily manage all the different mobile devices connected to the corporate network. Miradore launched this service only recently, and is still in the beta phase. But, Mobile Device Management is currently available for free, and you can install the app in all the mobile devices to start using the service.

When the beta version of the service was first launched, it supported only the Google Android and Apple iOS phones. There was no Windows support, which left this service out of reach for all the Windows Phone users. The main reason for this decision was the small user base for the Windows Phone OS.

However, Miradore soon started receiving requests to launch the service for the Windows Phone OS as well. And, the company has now added Windows support to their online Mobile Device Management service. There are slight differences when it comes to the features of this service on different mobile OS platforms.

You can visit the Miradore website, where you will find a table displaying the features and options available for the service on different smartphone operating systems. Remember that the MDM service is still in its beta phase, and more features and options are likely to be added in the coming. For now, the free version MDM service sets no limit on the number of devices that can be attached to the network. But, this might change when the service moves from the beta phase to production.

Miradore has made it clear that the free version will still be available even after the beta phase. But, some of the features will be locked and you will have to upgrade to a paid version for accessing them. The full paid version is expected to be launched before the end of this year.

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