Monday, July 14, 2014

Managing SkyDrive With iOS Devices

If you are using SkyDrive online storage service, you can easily access all the information you have stored in the application using your iOS devices. Be it your iPhone, iPad or even iPod, you can access the stored data in SkyDrive through any of these devices.

According to the Microsoft help and support team, you need to adhere to some tips while accessing SkyDrive from your iOS device.

View buttons:

You can find four buttons across the middle of the bottom bar of the app, wherein you can use the first three to change your file view. Along the middle of the lower bar, another set of three buttons will be available, which can be used to view your files. These three buttons include Files, Recent and Shared options.


At the very right bottom bar, there is another button by the name Settings button. This gear wheel button comprises of only one item on this list that the users can change. With the options available here, the users can see the account they are logged in, the available storage as well as different links to the app’s privacy statement and other help resources. The only changeable option would be under Photo Uploads.

Edit/Add button:

You can find a button at the upper right of the SkyDrive interface that will help you to easily edit and add files. While you select to add a file, you will be able to create folders, take new photos to add by using the built-in camera option as well as select the existing photos to upload from the iOS device.

File Options:

You can tap on a file to open it in its own screen. According to the Microsoft help and support team, while doing so, you can see buttons appearing at the top and bottom of the screen. While the left-facing arrow can redirect you to the main SkyDrive interface, the four buttons available at the bottom of the screen can help you to work with the file. The buttons that are present from left to right on the screen enable the users to share a file as well as perform other related functions such as changing the permissions of the file and copying a hyperlink for it to the Clipboard.

Therefore, the next time you use your iOS device to access the information stored in SkyDrive, make sure you follow these useful tips. To know more about the features of SkyDrive, feel free to contact our technical support personnel.

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