Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Guidelines To Open Multiple Windows In A Single Monitor

As you all know, you can open multiple windows on a computer when you are working on a project. We do this mostly when we are browsing the Internet. It can become quite confusing when you have a lot of windows opened at a single time. The solution to this problem can be done by dialing the Windows support number. But before doing so, please read this article in detail.

Expert instructions to open multiple windows

  • At first, close all programs and applications that are currently running on the system. After closing all the applications, navigate to the active desktop window.  Make sure that nothing is open in the active desktop window.
  • Now you may hit the “Tab” button on the keyboard. This is located at the upper left corner of the keyboard. 
  • At the same time, press the Windows Log button on the keyboard. You need to press both simultaneously and not one after the other.
  • This will stack the entire icons stored on your computer in a single row. All the open windows will be arranged together. This will be displayed from the top left portion to the right.
  • You can easily rotate through the icons if you want. To do this, you need to press the “Tab” button again. This will toggle through the various icons in the list.
  • Stop pressing the tab button when you reach the desired folder. When you are finally at the destination folder, simply release the “Tab” button and Windows Logo key together. This will display the full view of the window you have selected.
  • You can also use your mouse pointer to select the specific window. Simply left click on the icon to open it. You may jump to a specific window without following the above mentioned steps.
  • To do this, you need to locate the key labeled “Alt”. Now press the Tab key and Alt key simultaneously and hold on to them. This will display a line of icons virtually shrinking the open windows.
  • To scroll through the windows, you need to hit the tab button each time. This will help you toggle through the list of icons. When you finally reach your target folder, you need to release both the keys at once. This will open the selected window on your monitor.  

If you still can’t get this right, feel free to contact the Windows support number provided in this website.

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