Monday, March 24, 2014

New Internet Explorer Faster And Better

The latest in the Windows series of operating systems, the Windows 8.1 OS also garnered the arrival of a brand new Internet Explorer. The famous Microsoft Web Browser application, notorious for always being a few steps to the back, has come out with all new features and tools. The older versions were not a web browser that many people would choose, especially with the popularity of other web browsing applications like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Internet Explorer 11 however claims to setting new standards for performance and speed, the latter not a very strong trait of these web browser applications. And Microsoft is hoping the new technology can be a stepping stone for innovation, and asking all budding web developers to utilize and enhance the experience on Internet Explorer.

The Redmond based company announced, "the Internet Explorer team just released new web performance tools to modern.IE and is celebrating by issuing a fun challenge to web developers: Improve your site’s performance by at least 11% and Internet Explorer will send you some 11 goodness."

Now if you and your tech team could meet all the requirements as specified by the company, what is in store for you? Well for starters those who fit the bill get 11 copies of Parallel Desktop Virtualization. In addition to this there is some extra dough for the team. 11 one-year subscriptions to BrowserStack testing will also be given away to the team that can improve their site’s performance by 11%.

And Microsoft will be chipping in along with our efforts to improve site performance. Justin Garett claims that the company has been implementing newer tools. He stated, "We recently tried the new tools with our partners at – a responsively designed modern site. They were able to improve their page load performance by 40% with some simple steps. We’ve published a complete tear-down on modern.IE so you can try these techniques for yourself."

To know more about these new tools contact the Microsoft help line. If you are a team and want to get the site’s performance measures check out with Microsoft help line.

In wake of the new Internet Explorer Microsoft should see what it can do to stay ahead in the game. Even though Internet Explorer 11 might have some great new features the public is already in favor of Chrome or Firefox. Still, Windows 8.1 has not been able to boost the sales of the Windows 8 OSs. Looks like Microsoft will have a few challenging months ahead.

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