Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Using The Export Function In Outlook To Transfer Your Contacts

One of the very convenient features in the Microsoft Outlook mail client is that you can easily Import or Export various files to or from the application folders. This makes it easier to be able to access your contacts and files on different computers, or to use a different email client. You can transfer or backup all your files in the Outlook folders.

How to transfer your Outlook contacts to another system or application

Microsoft Outlook makes it possible using the Import and Export wizard. You might be having a well-organised Outlook Address Book in your mail client and might want it to be transferred to a new computer or another application. This is indeed very easy to do.

In fact, if you want the files to be transferred to a new version of the Outlook or the Outlook client on another machine, you can use the Outlook Backup tool provided by Microsoft for this specific purpose. You can download this backup tool from the official Microsoft Office website. Run the application in your system and simply follow the prompts.

Using this tool a backup file of the entire Outlook files and folders can be created and stored in a folder of your choice. You can then simply transfer this file to the new Outlook mail client, and run the tool again to get all the files to the proper folders of the application.

This can also be done using the Import and Export wizard. To access this wizard, click and expand the File menu that you see on the Outlook toolbar. There you would find the link to the Import and Export wizard. Clicking on this option would launch the wizard.

Select the Comma Separated Values as the file type for the transfer, and there you would see the Outlook folders stored in the system. If you want to move only the contents of the Outlook Address Book, then select the Contacts folder and click Next.

The wizard would ask to you give a name for the newly created file and also to select a location for storing it. After doing all this, click Next and press Finish.

Now, you can use this Exported file and Import it to the webmail account of your choice. You need to take in to account the format compatibility issues, when transferring the files one mail client to another. Contact the Microsoft Outlook support online, if you run into any problems.

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