Thursday, February 27, 2014

Additional Features Of Microsoft Outlook 2013

Outlook email client from Microsoft is one of the programs in the Microsoft Office Suite Package. Many people get Microsoft Outlook along with the Office Suite package, while some others buy the standalone version of the program.

This email program helps you to view your emails after downloading them to your personal computer. Apart from sending and receiving emails in the program, Microsoft Outlook provides you with numerous other features. The program lets you store addresses and contact; it also helps you to schedule appointments and meetings. You can also schedule various tasks in the calendar. In this post, we will help you find out some additional features introduced in Outlook 2013, which are very useful.

Email filter feature

The latest version of the program, Outlook 2013 introduces this feature. Once you get Microsoft Outlook, this would be one of the first features you would notice. You will find a button in the program for ‘Unread’ emails and once you click this button, you will find all the unread emails on top of your inbox. If you wish to go back to the normal inbox view, you may choose the option ‘All’ near the option ‘Unread’.

Message preview feature

In the earlier versions of Outlook, when you receive an email, you could find only the subject of the message along with the sender’s name. However, with Outlook 2013, you can view a preview of the email content that shows you the first lines of the message. This will help you to find out the contents of an email and delete it you do not think its worthy. Another feature is that this preview window will help you to compose reply from it.

Zoom function

Sometimes, the emails you received might be composed in such a way that the contents might be too small to go through in the preview window. However, with the zoom slider feature in the program, you can change the content size of the email in the preview pane with the click of a button.

New themes

The themes in Outlook would be a brand new experience to the users. Outlook 2013 provides you with a range of themes to choose from and different color combinations. This will brighten your Outlook window and make browsing through emails a pleasant experience.

We have discussed only a few features of Outlook 2013. It still has plenty of other features loaded in it, like the attachment reminders. For any queries related to Outlook 2013, you may contact our technical support team.

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