Friday, October 19, 2012

Tips for updating Internet Explorer in Windows XP Professional

Internet Explorer was designed and developed by Microsoft for browsing the Internet. Microsoft provides updated versions of Internet Explorer to beat off the contest from other web browsers that are now available in the market. In addition to this, Microsoft also releases various security updates and patches for better protection to Internet Explorer. The latest and real version of Windows XP professional is essential for the perfect working and security of your Internet Explorer. Identify the version of Windows XP currently installed in your computer and download the version to update you current Internet Explorer. If you are facing difficulty in finding the current version of Windows XP installed in your system, then you can without hesitation, avail the help of Microsoft tech support.
Select the “Start” button on your bottom Left corner of your desktop and tag along the “Run” button in which type in “Winver.exe” and press “Enter”. The version and type of Windows XP can be determined from the “About” window that appears. For example, it will be a 32 bit or 64 bit version of Windows XP.
Now go to the download page of your Internet Explorer and select on the “Download” option. Enter the region and select the version of Windows XP installed in your computer from the existing options in the window that appears. For example, choose “Windows XP” if your computer is running on a 32- bit version of Windows XP or choose “Windows XP 64” for 64 bit Windows XP operating systems.
Hit on the “Run” option that appears to initiate the download of the required update. “Run” should be clicked once more followed by clicking on “I agree to the terms and conditions” and select “Next” to take installation to another level. When the installation wizard request to modify your current settings in Internet Explorer select “Next” or “Ask me later” and modify options as you prefer and restart your PC when it’s done.
Now go to “Start” button once more and type in “Sysdm.cpl” in the run box that appears when clicked on the “Start” button. Tag along the “Automatic Updates” tab and choose the option “Automatic”. Doing this will entitle your Internet Explorer to download and install latest security patches and other updates whenever Microsoft releases them.
No need to worry if you find this method difficult to follow, just get in touch with the Microsoft tech support team. They will provide you proficient support to fix your issue.

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