Monday, May 5, 2014

Tips For Integrating Outlook 2007 With Gmail Using IMAP

The Gmail web service is truly fascinating to use but there may be a slight disagreement from certain groups of people who are more accustomed to using email clients. Many people will be comfortable accessing Gmail on email clients like Microsoft Outlook 2007. Now the provision for users to use IMAP is provided. Google makes use of Gmail on Microsoft Outlook 2007 an even wiser and easier option. You have to follow the below mentioned Outlook setting guidelines for using Gmail on Outlook 2007 via IMAP.

Steps to follow
  • Access Gmail and choose Settings. 
  • Select the tab by the name Forwarding and POP/IMAP and choose the radio button by the name Enable IMAP. Choose the Save Changes option. 
  • Access Microsoft Outlook 2007. Select Tools and click on Account Settings. 
  • Select New. 
  • Choose the radio button corresponding to IMAP, POP3, Microsoft Exchange or HTTP. Select the Next button. 
  • A check box will be present beside the option Manually Configure Server Settings Or Additional Server Types. Place a check mark on it and choose the Next button. 
  • Select the radio button corresponding to Internet E-Mail and choose the Next button. 
  • Different fields will be available and you will have to complete them correctly. Choose More Settings. 
  • Choose Outgoing Server Tab and check mark the check box corresponding to My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication. Select the Advanced tab. Type in the respective settings and upon completion, choose the OK button. 
  • Choose the Test Account Settings button. 
  • Choose Next and select Finish in order to finish the installation. 
Tips for sending mail via GMAIL IMAP Account

Utilizing the Gmail IMAP is very easy for the purpose of sending mails. Compose a mail as you do always and before sending,
  • Choose Account and click on the Gmail IMAP Account. 
  • Select Choose Folder. 
  • Select Choose An Existing Folder and choose Trash under Gmail Folder List. Choose OK. The copies of mails sent via Gmail IMAP account will be available in the sent mail folder. 
  • By adhering to the above mentioned steps, duplicate mails in the sent mail folder can easily be prevented. 
Managing Gmail in Outlook

In the navigation bar of Outlook, you will be able to view the new Gmail Tree after adding the Gmail account and upon sending the first mail.

By following the above-mentioned Outlook setting guidelines, you can easily use Gmail on Outlook 2007 via IMAP.

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